Byers Preschool Program - Serving ages 2 1/2 to Kindergarten
     Byers Preschool Staff and curriculum encourage children to develop into independent, self-motivated learners, while supporting families in developing solid parenting skills.  Our program provides developmentally appropriate, active-learning education for young children, with special care taken to enable children to experience the comforts of home in their environments.  Our program is planned to support children in acquiring the necessary life experiences and skills to provide a solid foundation for elementary school and beyond.
"What, Why and How Children Learn Through Play"
     It is important to have a wide variety of learning materials available when teaching children of all ages. Children have different learning styles, some might be visual, auditory, or tactile. Materials displayed on low shelves lableled with pictures help children reach what they need and replace it when they are finished. Labeling the centers with the appropriate descriptive words provide a strong start of reading literacy. Have low furniture such as tables and chairs, room dividers. Floor coverings such as solid color carpeting isn't overstimulating, and linoleum provides easy clean-up.  Having child's art work at their eye level prevents a uncluttered environment and they can see it better. Provide soft spaces and private hideaways where children may relax and be alone or with friends provides a calming atmosphere. Noisy spaces are separated from quiet spaces. Having different self-selected activities provide children with a lot of choices to learn independently. A few examples are listed below.
(A list to explain the benefits are available upon request).
  1. (Educational Eyewitness Videos).
  2. (Inside & Outside)
  3. ( Inside & Outside, plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers grown by the children, year around garden developed and planted by the children from the start).
  4. (Kitchen set-up, child sofa & chair w/table, dolls, dress-up clothing with lots of accessories!).
  5. (Unit, Hollow, Duplo, Lincoln logs,Waffle, Foam, Transportation Vechiles, People figures).
  6. (40 pc set of musical instruments, CD Music & Tapes and DVD Music Videos).
  7. (Variety of art materials necessary for small motor skills. Allowing for creativity developed by the child. Enhancing their abilities).
  8. ( Variety of materials developing the skills necessary for print as well as fine motor development).
  9. Reading is set up in all of the centers since reading affects all learning areas. With Books & Books on Tape, (Listening Center with Head phones). 
  10. (including the elderly and special needs). games, puzzles, art materials, ethnic foods, dolls, music, posters and picture books ).
  11.  (oatmeal, rice, moon sand, bubbles, cornstarch, bird seed).
This is just an example of materials we offer, come see for yourself the magic created by the children.
Contact us for an observation today!!
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