Byers Preschool Program - Serving ages 2 1/2 to Kindergarten
Parents please fill out your experiences with our Preschool

Palwinder Kaur Mutti   

It is with great pleasure and honour that I write this testimonial for Byers Pre-School. I've been to many daycare/preschools around the Natomas area and I finally concluded that this is the prefect preschool for my son. My son has attended Byers Pre-School from year 2016-2017 and to say he has enjoyed his time there is an understatement. He has thrived in this environment. Ms. Karen and her wonderful staff made each and every child feel special and unique whilst providing them with the special and academic skills needed as they make the transition from pre-school to “Big School”. This is exactly what I as a parent want for my children. The genuine affection and concern that the staff shows the children at the centre truly makes Byers pre “home away from home”. I know it is rare to find a pre-school with all these outstanding qualities which is why I cannot recommend Byers enough to friends, family and anyone who wants a wonderful caring and nurturing learning environment for their child. It’s the extra quality care the preschool provides that makes it a special place. Such as when you arrive to collect your child the staff makes time to tell you the little details about your child’s day – who they may have played with, new skills learnt and simply just the kind of day they have had. During his time at Byers, he absolutely loved it! He would walk himself to Pre-School if he was able to. Ms. Karen's friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped him settle into pre-school routines quickly. In the time that he had been attending, his skill in interpersonal relationships and communication has developed immensely. He now happily shares with his peers and communicates his wants, needs and frustrations more effectively. Our son enjoys completing the fun, learning experiences and activities that he has learnd from the pre-school day and he is always made to feel very proud of what she has achieved.  As they say, a strong foundation leads to a a stronger building. I would recommend Byers pre-school to every parent looking for a bright start for their little one.

      Oliver & Anika           
Selecting a pre-school for your kid is never an easy decision.  But if you know what I know, Byers Preschool will be the easiest decision you could ever make.

Both my kids went to Byers Preschool, and both have academically and behaviorally thrived in elementary school since... you can draw a straight line from their performance to how Karen nurtured my kids.  

"Show me, don't tell me," you say.  Very well:

Karen Byers has run this in-home preschool since forever; she's watched the parents of some of the kids who've been here.  From inviting all the classmates to your kids' birthday party, you will make great friendships with these great parents.  Karen is also an expert in early childhood development as an expert in running daycare... she does consulting for the state to help other in-home day cares stay compliant.

Home-cooked breakfast for morning kids.  Home-cooked lunches for afternoon kids... this Byers Preschool operates Tuesday through Thursday 8 to 4:30.  You can do half-days or full-days.  I did full-days.

There's Art... there's gardening... there's games... there's dress-up... there are songs... there's learning... there's fun!  Kid 1 got really into Art, which has continued to this day.  Kid 2, who just started Kindergarten today, can already read and do multiplication.  

This isn't the first raving review of Ms. Karen's Preschool, nor will it be the last.

Karen, thank you for being amazing!
Sabina & Ben Kohls
I thank my lucky stars that my quest for a quality education led me to Byers Preschool. My son originally attended a different preschool before we found Byers. That preschool closed and I was left with the daunting task of not only finding a preschool that offered a high quality and affordable education, but one that would support my son through this transition and be sensitive to his needs. My family was blessed to have found Byers Preschool and Ms. Karen just at the right time! It is the absolute perfect preschool, and Ms. Karen is amazing. My son is a sensitive little man, and Ms. Karen has created an environment in which he feels safe and supported and valued. The setting is warm and inviting and a perfect stepping stone from home to kindergarten. And the cherry on the top is that it is affordable. I am always confident that my son is safe and well taken care of when he is at Byers. Kindergarten is right around the corner for him, and because of Byers Preschool, my son is well prepared for this new adventure. I also have a daughter who will be starting at Byers Preschool very soon, and she can't wait to be able to stay and play with Ms. Karen while mommy goes to work. Thank you Byers Preschool! You have made a difference for my children and family, and I am forever grateful!!
Leslie S.
Want a preschool that has a family feel and prepares your student adequately for Kindergarten? Byers preschool is the place. I checked out every preschool within 30 min. of Natomas and after 30 min. with Mrs. Karen, I knew this was the place for my son. Don't be afraid of the fact that it is in her home. It is immaculate clean and professionally set up in a thematic way. My son made amazing academic progress as well as 8 very close friends. According to my son "Mrs. Karen is really smart and she knows what to to with kids. She makes us work". Every day when we pick him up, my 6yr old says he wished he would have gone to Byers preschool after seeing how fun learning is there. As a school principal, I have worked with many educators and Mrs. Karen and her program is one of the best. Go check out Byers preschool and you'll see that it is top notch!

Sonny & Amy Dotson
Wow what a difference a year makes for my Son who attends Byers Preschool or Mrs Karen's school as he calls it LOL. Our son came into last year a shy young fella didn't really know how to express himself. Little background our son has a sister with special needs and that in it self has a lot of challenges as a lot of attention goes to her. With that being said fast forward to now in the time he as spent at the Byers Preschool he has blossomed into a ready to go Kindergartner starting in August. Mrs Karen we can't thank you enough for the time yourself and your Staff has put into our child. If you are looking to get a head start for your child I would recommend Byers Preschool a million times as they CARE and make your child feel special :) Sonny & Amy

Arlene & Nacito Sanchez
Years ago, when I was searching for a preschool for my older son (now a 3rd grader), my head was spinning trying to find a school that was more intimate and not over-populated.  I work from home and at the time my older son was not used to having any other caregivers so I was looking for a place that would make the transition from home easier for him and I.  After meeting with Ms. Karen, I knew that she would care for both of my children like her own.
Ms. Karen is wonderful!  She has always been available to my husband and I to discuss any concerns that we've had from behavioral concerns to academics.  She makes sure that her students eat healthy, practice good hygiene, and get plenty of exercise - playing outside, walking to park, etc.  The students and their families also go on fun, memorable field trips like the pumpkin patch, Apple Hill, etc. in the Fall.

I am beyond grateful to Byers Preschool for building a good educational foundation and creating awesome memories for my boys. Thank you Ms. Karen and Ms. Alex!  Our family will surely miss you both!

Emily A.
I write this as my son prepares to leave Byers Preschool and start at a local kindergarten in Carmichael. He began attending Byers Preschool in February 2014, at which time I couldn't imagine leaving him out of my care for large portions of the day. After speaking with Karen Byers on the phone several times, and finally checking out her home (which she has lovingly and painstakingly devoted to her school), I felt reassured that this was the best place for my child.
Karen is honest, dedicated, and trustworthy. I have never questioned any of the people she's employed, as they are all scrupulously background-checked and CPR trained. My son adores her long-time employee, Miss Alex, who is a kind and loving presence at the school. Karen has always made herself available to me and my husband to discuss any concerns about our child's behavior and academic progress. We have sought her opinion several times throughout the years on various behavioral concerns, and she has always gone above and beyond to guide us through challenging times. She is also a wealth of knowledge on childhood development and remains an active part of the education community, both mentoring and keeping current through continuing education classes. This is evident in the way she structures her school--she is frequently making adjustments based on best practice and on then needs of her students. Because she is a small school (vs a large daycare center), she is able to provide so much individual attention and guidance. I feel like my son is socially and academically well-balanced, largely because of his years at Byers Preschool.

I highly encourage parents to check out Byers Preschool and find out for yourself what a fantastic environment Karen Byers and her employees provide. I will always look fondly on our time spent as part of the Byers Preschool family, and I couldn't recommend this preschool highly enough.

Gitten & Eddie Reyes
Best preschool ever!! When I signed my son up for Byers Preschool I was a stay at home mom that was looking for a place where my son could interact with other children and prepare him for kinder at a reasonable price. Byers has a well rounded curriculium filled with hands on learning. I also admire Mrs. Karen's patience and dedication to each child that she has in her program!!

Sheena T.
I am so thankful I found Karen Byers. Before her, my son went to an over-populated preschool with up to 70+ kids. After that experience, never again will I send my children to a large preschool. Ms. Karen's home environment with the smaller capacity offers a much more personalized setting which allows for better attention to each child.
My son's prior preschool had discouraging comments saying that he's shy and slower than other children his age... Well that's funny because after going to Karen Byers Preschool, he thrived in everything he did and became a chatterbox. Sometimes, young children just won't open up because teachers are not giving the right attention. I thank Ms. Karen for providing the opposite experience of my son's old preschool.
Her approach really helps children prepare for elementary school. I only wish I had also placed my younger son with her but we moved out of Sacramento. If we stayed in Natomas, it would've been for Ms. Karen.

Elliot White
It is hard to to know where to start with a review like this.  With childcare it isn't as simple as rating a dining experience or other services. With that said i suppose i will start at the beginning.
My wife and I were new parents and were looking for daycare for our son who wasn't quite 2 yrs old at the time.  As first time parents we had no idea what to look for in a daycare or how to find a daycare that would suit our sons needs.  So we did some reading and then started pounding the pavement.  We must have visited over two dozen daycare's in the area and even a few outside the Natomas area. We quickly began to be able to identify the definite "NO's". Then we found some maybe's that we were at best "lukewarm" about.  All of the "lukewarm" places seemed to be good enough, staff was friendly, children's area was adequate, scheduling & availability would work. That is until we visited Byers Preschool and met Ms. Karen.  Ms. Karen understood the anxieties of first time parents.  She was accommodating, reassuring, kind, warm, and personable. I remember seeing the kids area and was blown away at how clean, organized, and tidy everything was.  I thought "We only have one kid and we have trouble keeping up with the mess that is made in the house, but this woman manages a gaggle of children everyday and her home and kids-area are pristine!" Ms. Karen went on to talk with us about her philosophy and experience with children and asked us questions pertaining to the same. She was very interested in what we wanted for our son and facilitated a conversation that allowed us all to express our expectations and be on the same page.  Needless to say at the end of our meeting my wife and I just knew that this would be the perfect place for our son.
As of writing this, that first visit happened over 4 years ago and now our son is about to leave Byers Preschool to head-on to kindergarten. Over the past 4 years Ms. Karen has been so much more than a daycare provider.  She has encouraged our sons academic, social, personal, and emotional growth.  There have been several times that either me or my wife have spoken to her over the phone late at night to seek advice, discuss a problem, or get input as to how our son was developing.  When having these conversation it is SO evident that Karen 1. truly knows our son, 2. Is very dedicated to her work, 3. is extremely knowledgeable, 4. REALLY cares about her students and their families. 
I mention earlier that upon our first visit to her school I was blown away by the tidiness of her home and kids-area.  Well, this is because Karen can be very type-A.  This has so many benefits and also some drawbacks.  Through the years there have been frustrations and some dis-agreements along the way.  Do not be discouraged by this-- Ms. Karen cares!  If you continue to communicate and express your needs and limits she will listen and you will find how understanding, caring, and accommodating she is.
It will be very bittersweet when our son leaves Byers Preschool at the end of summer 2017.  She has become part of our family.  She and her school has become a community for us and we truly appreciate all she has done over the years.  The good news is, is that we have a baby girl on the way and will certainly be bringing her to Byers Preschool when the time is right.
Valerie Cole
My daughter absolutely loved going to Byers Preschool every day. She learned so much and acquired good habits and routines (especially brushing teeth, washing hands, and picking up her own messes!). When your child is so eager to go to school and always comes home with a smile on their face, you know it is a good place for them to be. The field trips are fun and I appreciated that the entire family is welcome to go with! There are many different activities available for the kids to explore and learn, and Karen's house is warm and inviting.

Meghan-Sienna Mommy
We dreaded looking for schools for our daughter as she neared her 3rd birthday. I don't know how we were lucky enough to stumble upon Mrs. Karen and Byers Preschool. It was the first and only place we looked. Her school is spotlessly clean, full of fun and engaging materials and she has a natural way with children. My daughter felt at home there right away. We noticed a huge difference in our daughter in just a few weeks. Her verbal capabilities improved, her pickiness at dinner improved, her willingness to do all the bathroom things, like potty, teeth and hands...all improved! She was always excited to go to school. We have to leave to pursue full time care all week and can only hope the next school is a fraction as good as this one! Thanks Mrs. Karen and Ms. Alex, too!

Jackie Tollini... Aaron's Mommy
Mrs. Karen is like family after our experience with her preschool. Our son, Aaron (age 4 in June), has attended the school for almost a year - we unfortunately had to leave the school when we relocated out of the area. While we are very excited for the relocation, our ONLY regret is leaving Mrs. Karen's school. She has shown incredible patience, compassion and understanding with Aaron - who suffers from anxiety at school. She has helped him to gain confidence and self-control by fostering his relationships with the other students in the class. We LOVE Mrs. Karen and can only hope to find another preschool teacher as wonderful as she is!

Emma's Family
Emma has loved Ms. Karen's school since we started her a year and a half ago. Our daughter started out as a bit of a wild child, who didn't want to listen to instructions and didn't want to be around anyone but her family. I was afraid that she would not be ready for Kindergarten when she turned 5. My little girl has learned so much. She knows her letters and numbers and is always wanting to learn more. Emma loves to show me her art and her homework at the end of the day. Not only am I proud of how much my daughter has accomplished in her time with Karen, you can tell that she is proud of herself as well. Ms. Karen is very kind and considerate. She loves all the children she cares for, and wants them to succeed and grow. She has encouraged Emma to grow socially, and make new friends. There's never a day when my daughter isn't excited to go to school. Karen welcomes the children in her home. She serves them home cooked meals. She has encouraged my picky eater to try new things. I'm really amazed at some of the new healthy foods Emma now enjoys. The children also grow a small garden in the back yard. They have so much fun learning about how things grow. I honestly can't say enough good things about Byers preschool. Karen has prepared my daughter for Kindergarten. I am no longer afraid that Emma won't succeed in school. Thank you for all you do, Karen!

Jeron and Brenda Winslow,Best preschool in Natomas!
Unfortunately, I've been to many daycare/preschool centers around the Natomas area and I truly feel this is the right fit. The teacher/student ratio is 1:4 which is unheard of for preschool age and the location is at a home not an overcrowded center which I like. There are plenty activities for the kids to do indoor and outdoor. The teachers really care about their students and love there job :)

                            Todd Winslow, Natomas Creek
If you are looking for a great preschool in the area, I would encourage you to visit Byers Preschool. Both our son and daughter have been apart of the Byers program for two years. Our son has recently started kindergarten and the transition was smooth for him both academically and socially -- in large part to his experience at the preschool. Our daughter continues to go and looks forward to it everyday. Ms. Karen and all of the teachers are excellent with the children...and very much in communication with the families in terms of progress, day-to-day activities, meals, etc. It's a safe, clean and loving environment that I would recommend for ANY family. If interested, it does tend to fill up fast, so I would suggest making an appt. sooner rather than later.
Have a great day!
               Michael & Donna Grimm                       
We found ourselves raising our granddaughter Grace, and had tried two other preschools prior to finally finding Ms. Byer's wonderful in-home school nearby. It has been the most loving, life-giving, positive learning experience and, literally, a second home to Grace through Kindergarten. Karen and her expertly mentored staff helped Grace with her handwriting challenges and today Grace is successfully enrolled in first grade and doing great! You owe it to your child and family to check out Byers Preschool, we believe there's none better! Your child will be expertly socialized and prepared for Kindergarten.

                           Jessie Armstrong...Clara & Sammy 
Byers Preschool is one of the top preschools in Natomas. The experience that Karen Byers holds is bar none. She has created an environment in her home that is professional and kid friendly. My daughter started when she was 3. By the time she went to Kinder she was above average which made her more ready and able to focus for the year. I highly recommend Byers Preschool. Our son also attended, your child will be loved, cared for, taught with excellence and fed well!
Parveen Badyal...Sohaan!!
Ms. Karen shows a compassion for teaching and is very dedicated to the success of her students. She uses many techniques in her classroom to ensure that the children are never bored while there. She is definitely the best at what she does and we felt very comfortable leaving our son with her. He has learned so much while at Byers Preschool and we highly recommend this school to any parents looking for a quality and nurturing learning environment for their children!            
  Kimmie Tang...Kyle & Abby  
Two of our kids attended Byers Preschool. Mrs. Karen and her staff were always very nurturing, caring and overall great educators to my kids. The program prepares the kids for Kindergarten not only academically but also socially which is just as valuable to learn (in our opinion). The environment is welcoming and comfortable. Mrs. Karen and her staff really cares for the kids and makes extra effort to enforce manners, kindness and responsibility while having fun in a learning environment! Thank you Mrs. Karen and staff!

         Jackie Tollini... Aly's Mommy
Our family could not be more happy with Mrs. Karen and the school. Our daughter, Aly, began her school experience shy and somewhat reserved. She has blossomed into an outgoing and self confident young child who is now ready to thrive in kindergarten. Mrs. Karen is easily able to gain the respect of the children in a nurturing and graceful manner. She has not only taught our daughter, but also taught my husband and I valuable skills in dealing with a 3-5 year old child. My son will definitely be attending the school when he is ready. 
                              Fonseca Family  
Our daughter Leilani attended Byers preschool for almost 2 years, throughout those years Leilani has grown and learned alot thanks to the caring teachers at Byers preschool. I often asked Ms. Karen for advice when it came to my daughters future and she would take the time to help me understand the schools and the best options for Leilani. I can't wait to enrole our youngest child at Byers preschool. Thank you to all Byers preschool teachers and a special thanks to Ms. Karen

                                           Noah & Nic's Mommy 
My boys LOVE Mrs. Karen! My older son, who still loves visiting, went there for 2 years through preschool and now my younger son currently attends this school (8a-12p). I work from home so when I was first looking for a preschool and found this one, I knew that it was a perfect match. It's my sons' home away from home. It's so comforting to know that my kids will be safe and nurtured when they are there. Ms. Karen is very caring, loving, patient, and has a great hands-on curriculum. My older son was beyond prepared for Kindergarten. Ms. Karen is fantastic teacher! I highly recommend Byers Preschool. I am so thankful for her.

The Stevenson's
Hands down Byers Preschool is the best in the area. Karen is truly gifted at nurturing the whole child -- socially, emotionally, and academically. My husband and I had some very negative care experiences prior to finding Byers. Karen was so tremendously patient with us and our little guy. She often sent picture texts, over communicated, and quickly learned the needs of our son to help feel safe and acclimate. Karen's school is full of curiosity, care, learning, laughter and love. As an Educator Byers Preschool is a very special place, and Karen has a tremendous spirit that is dedicated to nurturing little lives. She has a very special place in our hearts, and our family. You will not regret visiting Byers Preschool, it truly is a hidden gem!
Marcie MacTarnaghan..Logan
Byers Preschool and Ms. Karen have been a true blessing for us. Byers was our sons first school experience and the first time away from home. Ms. Karen and her Staff are exceptional women who truly love and care for children. My son has learned and grown so much in the year he has been there. I've never felt more comfortable leaving my son with anyone as I have with Byers Preschool. We love you! 
                                         Cara Rosenthal                         
We love this preschool!!! My son was going to another preschool and it wasn't working...we looked all over and a family told us about Karen and her preschool...We could not have been happier because as soon as we put our son in her preschool we saw such a big change in him.....Karen is so sweet and loving and runs a wonderful program...she knows the needs of each child and meets those needs... I am so happy and blessed to have had my son in Byers preschool. I highly recommend this preschool...Thank you so much Ms. Karen and Ms. Amy:)  

              Shobana Thygarajan                        
Wonderful school for my family. My son went there for 2 full years and never had a dull day or was ever hesitant to go to school. Ms.Karen is a wonderful teacher and the kids loved her.

Gitten Reyes 
Best pre school in Natomas!!! I was a stay at home mom when my son started to go there. I wanted him to interact with other children and learn in a fun loving environment. Karen gave us a tour of the preschool and instantly I knew this was the place for my son. Karen is caring, loving and patient. Learning is a joy it is never forced, always nurtured, every child feels welcome and secure

 Stacy Shwartz
Byers preschool has been the best experience for my daughter's first exposure to school. This was the first place that she learned to thrive independently outside of our home. While we toured many preschools, Byers truly felt like a home away from home-- but with more friends, caring teachers, awesome learning activities, and the broadest array of outside activities I've ever seen! Ms. Karen's gift for early childhood education is apparent in the way that she models best practices in social-emotional learning (i.e.: behavior management and resolving conflict), and we have greatly appreciated her "loving but firm" approach. I highly recommend Byers preschool!

Aiza & Sara's Mommy
Perfect preschool!! My daughter has been going there for more then a yr now. She loves it. You can't find such good care and love anywhere. I love the way Ms. Karen adds a personal touch to everything!! Thanks !! Ms. Karen.. Now our youngest is attending this year so reassuring to go back to where our youngest went to school.
Sophia's Mom
When I found Byers Preschool for my daughter, it was a relief. My daughter has learned so much being there.
She knows all her colors, shapes, numbers and days of the week and she's only
2 1/2. Byers Preschool is a safe and clean environment and LOTS OF FUN!
When I drop my daughter off every morning, I have no worries- because I know she is in a loving place and that's why I tell Mrs. Karen and her Staff "Thank you" everyday. My daughter is always smiling and is in a good mood when I pick her up after work. This place is a GOD send. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Calla's Mom
We are picky parents. This is our 3rd child, so we knew exactly what we wanted.
Curriculum, yes.
But also, social skills, healthy eating habits, discipline, friendship and LOVE.
Karen and her family have given Calla everything she needs.
Calla starts Kindergarten at Natomas Park Elementary in July.
She's incredibly well prepared thanks to Byers Preschool.
It breaks our hearts to leave!
Casey & Greg Saumure
This school is the best place my child could be aside from his own home.
Needless to say, leaving my first born in someone else's hands besides my own was not an easy decision. I checked out plenty of "popular" preschools before coming to Byers Preschool. None of them stood up to the quality of the program and curriculum that Ms. Karen provides.
I love the level of care and one on one interaction and attention each child receives.
My son is not just a number here. This preschool provides a nurturing and loving environment along with a solid curriculum. The smiles my "typically shy" son has on his face when he's at school says it all.
This overbearing picky mom gives Ms. Karen, Miss Nicole and Byers Preschool an A++++!
I was very cautious when I was looking for someone that I could trust besides my own family to teach and watch my daughter.
As soon as I met Mrs. Karen she put my right at ease.
She may not know this but when I first met her she brought tears to my eyes.
I had finally found someone that would care for and nuture my daughter the same way that I would.
She had a very stable environment and my daughter looked forward to everyday and Mrs.Karen.
I now have a 1 year old and I can't wait until she gets to go and see Mrs.Karen......There is no need to look anywhere else...Your family with enjoy her......Bridgette mother to Alexis  
                   LOOK NO FURTHER.
If you are looking for a safe environment with caring teachers this is the place for your child. Ms. Karen and her Staff also provide a top notch learning program.
My son started when he was 2 1/2 years old and now he is 5 and will be starting kindergarten this year. He has mastered his basic learning skills as well as his social skills. I want to extend a sincere thanks to Ms. Karen for the outstanding job she does with all of the children.
 Caryn & Mira's Mom 
Finding Byers Preschool was a real blessing.
Our first daughter started attending Byers Preschool when she was 18 months old and stayed all the way through pre-school. She is 12 years old now and she still LOVES Ms. Karen! The bond that Mr. Karen creates with the children under her care is unlike any you will find at those other preschools.
We were fortunate that our second daughter was also able to attend Byers Preschool. The curriculum that is used is fantastic and both children had a jump start on Kindergarten. Anytime I hear that someone is in need of childcare I ALWAYS tell them about Ms. Karen and how wonderful her Pre-school is.
It is simply the BEST!  
Natomas Preschool!!!
If you are new to the area and are in need of a reputable, loving and caring daycare provider, or are in the process of searching for an excellent place for your children to learn and grow, search no more! Byers Preschool provides a home-school environment with a curriculum that prepares young ones for Kindergarten that puts them leaps and bounds ahead of the game when they enter into their first years of school.
Byers Preschool is owned amd operated by Karen Byers who has provided daycare for my three children throughout a ten year period. Children receive a hands on, one-on-one learning experience with daily nutrition-filled home cooked meals. If you are fortunate enough to grab an opening with Byers Preschool, you should not pass up on the opportunity for A++ daycare! I can't say enough about this preschool other than my children were well prepared for their first years both educationally and socially.
Olivia's Mommy
My daughter loves to go to THIS preschool! She is happy and thriving among the other great children and wonderful teachers. I can tell that she feels at home there and I think that Karen makes you feel like a member of her own family. This is truely a wonderful place! The children are all good friends and there is a real sense of “home” there! We love it and it is the best place for your little one. Keep up the great work!
Amanda's Mom & Dad, 
My wife and I have been searching for a preschool for our daughter this summer and after interviewing and reviewing several preschools, Byers Preschool was our number one choice. Why? Mrs. Karen provides an outstanding learning program and she really cares about and understands how a child develops.
My daughter, Amanda, has been there for almost two months and we really see the difference at home. She really enjoys going there and she gets really excited every morning when we tell her it is time for school. Thanks Karen for taking care of Amanda and we love all the curriculum & crafts/paintings she brings home.
Brian and Tamara
Hands Down The Best!!! Our daughter and son both attends this preschool. Bria started attending at 1 1/2 years old, she is now 6 years old and still attends before and after school. Brian is 3 years old and attends full time (8-4).
If loving, caring, and safety is at the top of your priority list; this is the preschool for your family. Not to mention the freshly prepared meals with ingredients grown by the children from the Byers garden.
Her teaching curriculum parallels current school standards. Bria was more than well prepared for kindergarten. We are confident Brian will be as well. Not only did we find an exceptional preschool, we found lifelong friends.
Byers Preschool truly is a "place just like home". Ms. Karen is an exceptional teacher and is always coming up with fun and interesting activities for her students. Ms. Karen has provided a loving, nurturing, educational environment for my son Matthew. He started last August when he was 2 1/2, and has blossomed into a confident, happy preschooler. He loves, loves, loves going to school. This is not just a job for her, it is her passion. She truly cares about our children and is always looking out for their best interest. She is patient, loving and playful with our children. My son asks every day if he is going to school and tells me  "Mommy, I love Ms. Karen". It truly warms my heart to see how happy he his at his school, and how much Ms. Karen truly loves and cares for our children.  I cannot imagine a more perfect preschool for him.  I am so grateful to have found this school and to have Ms. Karen in our lives.
We Love Ms. Karen & Byers Preschool!!!
 By Candice
We are so thankful for Ms. Karen. She's conscientious and takes excellent care of our little girl. I have peace of mind when I bring my daughter to her. Caring for children is Karen's absolute passion and gifting, and she does it all effortlessly. We can count on Ms. Karen to provide a safe, educational, super clean and loving environment for our daughter to thrive and experience the world of educational play. Ms. Karen doesn't miss a beat with the kids, and my daughter loves her and loves spending time with her preschool family. When I met Ms. Karen, my long, exhaustive search for daycare ended right there! Yours will too!

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